The Candle Reimagined - The clean burning, smoke-free, scent-free solution to ambiance. 
Introducing the candle that never melts. A handcrafted steel oil candle that is guaranteed to be your new favorite piece of décor. Whether you're shopping for yourself or someone special - give a gift that lasts a lifetime. 

This is minimalism at its best- the art of restraint.

Set includes Wylie Vase, set of 3 steel funnels (choose color) + Pristine Oil®.

This is the no drip, smoke-free, scent-free solution to ambiance - with a clean burning, real flame.

How It Works

Add at least three inches of 'Pristine Oil®' to the vase and submerge steel funnels.

Once the candles have soaked in the oil for four hours, light the tops and enjoy the bright flame!