From Canyon Coffee- roasted, batch brewed, and freeze dried coffee grown by Virgelina Perdomo in Huila, Colombia to produce this delicious coffee. Each Box contains six single-serve packets with a shelf life of over a year. Just add 8oz of hot or cold water and enjoy! 

About Granjeras:

Origin:  Colombia

Region: Huila

Producer: Virgelina Perdomo and her daughters

Process: Washed

We Taste: Vanilla, Passion Fruit, & Caramel

A seasonally-rotating selection from Colombia grown 100% by women. True to the name, "granjeras" translates to women farmers.

Virgelina Perdomo is a member of the CooCentral Co-op of Huila, Colombia. Through the co-op, Virgelina has been able to separate and process her own microlot of coffee. She works with the help of her daughters, Viviana, Lina, and Marcela on her farm, El Diamente.

As the name implies, a coffee microlot is relatively smaller than a normal lot, or harvest yield, of coffee. But why is it smaller? Often, microlots are the result of a single farmer or group of farmers dedicating a smaller plot of land to which they can give more time with higher quality of care and attention to detail. The end result is often a higher quality, more valuable coffee.